Why chop down trees to make furniture, when there’s plenty of perfectly good wood lying on the ground? It’s the question our founder asked 22 years ago.

Now that we begin a new year of a new decade, PGT-Reclaimed is introducing you to our new look!

Our 2020 collections are a huge change beyond our previous designs. They have different shapes, styles, looks and feel. More importantly they are all finished with non-toxic water-based finishing material.

They are handmade from sustainable reclaimed wood based on English Carpentry and French Polishing techniques. Although they take longer to manufacture, however they last much longer and give you a joy to look at!

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We hope that these new collections will give you an eco-friendly lifestyle, and together with us: Let’s make the earth green again!

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Valletta, available in bedding and dining, is finished in the water-based Rustic Morning Mist. It was inspired by the capital of Malta, known for its long hours of sunshine and architecture.


Lineo, finished with Rustic Saddle Tan, celebrates the vertical lines created by reclaimed wooden panels throughout the bedding and dining collections.


The Latte collection reflects on modern day dining, with intriguing angles and solid bases highlighted by our Robusta smooth wood finish.


As it translates in Spanish and a few other romance languages, Viva means ‘to live’. Our Viva collection inspires spontaneity with the collection’s intriguing bias placement of reclaimed wooden panels and legs.


The Bohemian dining collection has been in the market for around a year now, but we’ve recently released the bedding collection. Bohemian, in Rustic Saddle Tan, is the epitome of modern, with unique, bias placed metal legs, polished down for that beautiful brass look.

SANTORINI (available only in Australia):

Our Santorini bedding collection, named after the Greek island of the same name, brightens a room with its Pure White finish.